The Tajweed Class at MMTQ is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners as it provides individual 1-to-1 tuition as well as group recitation practice.

Students will develop their ability in Arabic phonetics based on the standards required for recitation of the Qur’an as well as learn Tajweed rules, practice applying them and memorise small chapters of the Quran.

Course Content

1 Year • 2 Weekdays • Mornings

Self-contained lessons mean no additional homework except practice.

Beginners and intermediate students catered for.

Study at your own pace taking however long you need to perfect your recitation.

Small classes enable focusing on individual student needs

Qualified and experienced teachers

Introduction to tajweed; Etiquettes of Qur’an recitation; Rules of recitation

Makharij practice: pronunciation of the letters; parts of the mouth, tongue, teeth and throat

Tajweed Rules: Ghunnah of Nun and Meem; Qalqalah; Rule of Laam & Raa; Izhar; Ikhfa;

The types of Madd;

Wuqoof (places of pauses and continuation)

I can’t read Arabic at all. Can I take this class?

Yes, this class is the ideal starting point for those who are unable to recite any Arabic at all. Students at this stage will be taught the Arabic alphabet from scratch and how to combine letters into words and then sentences.

I can read Arabic but have learnt without Tajweed. Can I take this class?

Yes, this class will help learners to correct their pronunciation and improve their fluency.

Do I have to recite out loud in front of others?

This is optional. Students are taught individually and so they can choose to recite together or individually.

Do I have to come to every lesson?

The Tajweed class is a self-paced class so although regular attendance is recommended, if you can only come occasionally or once a week, you can still enrol.

Is there weekly homework?

No. The only homework that is required is a personal revision of the day’s lessons.

Do I have to sit exams?

No, this course is exam free.

Can I keep my child with me in class?

Babies under 9 months can stay with mums in class. After that, we have a creche onsite so sisters with children have the reassurance of keeping their children nearby and can pop in throughout the morning to check up on them.

Will I complete the Quran?

Yes, you have this option, if you so wish to do so. Once students have mastered the rules of Tajweed, they advance onto implementation of rulings through practice. Students are required to practice one juz of the Quran at last, but then can continue attending classes for however long they wish to do so until they complete the whole Quran.

What happens in the school holidays?

For the ease of our students, our holidays coincide with all the school holidays so you needn’t worry about caching up or finding childcare.

Enrolment is easy and simplified for the benefit of the students. Come along to our Course Orientation day on Wednesday 21st September for enrolment information. 

Alternatively,  just come in on any Monday and Wednesday morning and enrol on the spot. It’s that simple.

Fees are £12 per month and can be paid cash or by bank transfer.

Call or text 07306 627 786 for any further enquiries.


Umm Hamza

Teacher is very patient and clear in her instruction. I was very reluctant at the beginning but I’ve managed to gain confidence in my ability to read quran and I can help my children learn their sabak too now.

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