MMTQ aims to make Islamic knowledge accessible to everyone.
Whether you’re working, studying, staying at home or just physically distant,
we aim to bring Islamic guidance, inspiration and knowledge to you.

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Practising Islam doesn’t mean adopting a drastically different lifestyle to the rest of your family, friends and colleagues;
its about making small changes in your life, psyche, actions and frame of mind to gradually bring you closer to Allah,
whether that be tentatively step by step or hastening to Him wholeheartedly

Our Promise

Our team of staff and volunteers go to great lengths to create a nurturing and comfortable environment where students are supported to reach their full potential.

Our Team

MMTQ is not the work of any one individual; it’s the collective efforts of a whole group of students, teachers and volunteers connected to the institute.
Without any one of them, we would not be able to achieve our vision of making Islam accessible to all. May Allah reward them for continuing the legacy of our Noble and Beloved Prophet ﷺ

Our Vibe

Everyone who walks through our doors is greeted with the warmth, compassion and excitement of a meeting a long-lost friend. No judgment, no unreasonable expectations and no compulsion.

Our Methodology

We equip students with the tools to understand the beautiful language and sciences of the Quran and connect them to classical Sunni scholars and traditional methods of study and practice.

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