MMTQ Community Library

What is MMTQ Community Library

An exciting and much-needed community library to provide fun, interesting and informative Islamic books for children of all ages.  MMTQ Library is a community project by MMTQ to create a Muslim Library for all members of the community to access Islamic fiction and non-fiction books.

Why Do We Need a Muslim Library?

Alhamdulillah, in the last decade there has been a surge of Islamic books available in English. These range from translations of classical works to insightful new content to inspire and educate the ummah. In addition, many fabulously vibrant and innovative children’s picture books have been published as well as fiction books for young teenagers providing a reflective glimpse into the worlds of Muslims around the globe.

All of these wonderful contributions by the ummah for the ummah are rarely available in regular libraries and not everyone is able to purchase them after searching for them online.

We endeavour to open up this world to the ummah and allow everyone to enjoy the gift of reading. As more and more of us turn to continuous screen stimulation, it’s all the more imperative to allow our children to lose themselves in the pages of a book that not only transports them to a different world but allows them to open up their minds to endless possibilities.

MMTQ community library will provide endless hours of inspiration and knowledge to an inquisitive generation of children.

How Can I Get Involved?

At the moment, we need your help to stock the library to kickstart the library. Books are expensive and this is a project funded fully through donations from the generous public. Please donate in any way possible. See donation methods below.

Besides that, we need our help in getting the word out and encouraging people in the community to sign up and register for the library once registration opens.

Above all, we need your dua for success, acceptance with Allah, sincerity and benefit to the community. May Allah make it a means of sadqa jariya for everyone involved and everyone who donates.