Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran Registration

Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran Registration

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Rules and Regulations

Please read fully and carefully before submitting the application

  1. The minimum age of admission is 5 years old.

  2. All students and parents shall be expected to conform to all rules and regulations, and no exceptions shall be made for anyone. All students shall be expected to conform to Islamic guidelines, as advised by their teachers, in relation to dress and appearance.
  3. Parents are to ensure that student’s hairstyles conform to the Shari’ah (cut one length all around). All boys must attend wearing Jhubba or kafni and Topi and girls should wear a secure Burqa or large scarf and an ankle Length Jalbaab.
  4. All absences must be explained by a note signed by the parent / guardian.
  5. To show any form of disrespect to the trustees, teachers or staff of this Madrasah will be judged as inexcusable and any student found guilty of such behaviour will be liable for dismissal.
  6. The Madrasah reserves the right to terminate any student’s admission when it deems necessary.  Anyone whose admission is terminated has no legal remedy against the Madrasah.
  7. Students must not bring unnecessary items into the Madrasah, and must look after their belongings whilst on the premises. Mobile phones should be switched off during lesson. The Madrasah shall not accept responsibility for any damage to and / or loss of any student belongings.
  8. Student(s) and/or their parents / guardians shall be liable for the cost of any damage to the Madrasah property.
  9. New students will undergo a two week trial upon admission. The admission of students deemed unreasonable for admission due to young age or misbehaviour or other such circumstances will be cancelled. In such circumstances the admission fee will be returned.
  10. In any other circumstances the admission fee is non refundable.
  11. All fees must be paid on time. The fee for each student is paid towards reserving the child’s space and not for teaching or attendance. Failure to pay fees on time may result in the child’s place being terminated.
  12. All students must be punctual and regular in their attendance in class.  Students are expected to attend and arrive on time to Madrasah and are not allowed to arrive late or leave early except in exceptional circumstances, supported by confirmation by the parent/ guardian. 
  13. No leave will be given to attend after school clubs or classes if this means arriving late for Madrasah or missing Madrasah days. If you wish your child to attend any such club please speak to a member of staff about changing your child’s shift. Shift changes cannot be done on a temporary basis. Once a child is moved to another session they will not be moved back as this disrupts lessons.
  14. The children of parents who display unacceptable or offensive behaviour are liable to be dismissed from the Madrasah. Disrespect towards staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  15. Absence by a student of 2 weeks or more without notification may automatically terminate the child’s place from the Madrasah.
  16. Any student whose continued presence at the Madrasah is deemed to be harmful, to the Madrasah and/or other students, shall be excluded from the Madrasah and in any such case the decision of the Madrasah shall be final
  17. Parents/guardians shall be expected to ensure that any homework/tasks given to students is/are completed and submitted upon the requested time.
  18. All students shall be assessed upon admission and at regular periods during their education, and shall be graded and allocated classes according to their ability and requirements.
  19. Administrative decisions such as class allocations, setting of timings, holidays and setting the syllabus etc. shall be made at the sole discretion of the Madrasah.
  20. The Madrasah shall not be responsible for transport arrangements to/from the Madrasah, nor for any incident occurring outside Madrasah premises on any such journey
  21. The Madrasah reserves the rights to amend existing rules or introduce new rules at any time.
  22. In the event of any dispute/disagreement the decision of the Madrasah shall be binding and final.
  23. Fees will be liable to be paid during absences. If students take leave from Madrasah to go abroad, fees are to be paid in advance for the duration of the absence.