Online Maktab



We are introducing online Maktab classes for those children who do not have access to the local Maktab in their towns. Our skilled teachers will be ensure that great emphasis is placed on correct recitation with Tajweed and fluency.

Additional Islamic Studies will also be taught from the Safar Books syllabus as well as memorisation of duas and surah.

At MMTQ we recognise that learning consists of:
• Acquiring knowledge of Deen
• Understanding ideas and reasonings
• Perfecting skills and confidence
• Embedding good attitudes and manners
• Developing a strong Muslim identity

In order for this to take place the children must:
• Be active in their learning
• Be encouraged to work with the teacher
• Make progress and be challenged in each area of learning
• Be regular and punctual in attendance

Course Content

At MMTQ’s evening classes students learn:

  •          To read and recognise the Arabic alphabet with the correct pronunciation
  •          To recite the Quran with confidence, fluency and with tajweed
  •          To memorise up to 25 surahs from the last chapter of the Quran (juz ul amm)
  •          The correct method of offering salah
  •          The life, characteristics and habits of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Seerah)
  •          Hadeeth (Sayings of the Prophet) in English and Arabic
  •          General Islamic Fiqh (laws of shariah)
  •          The beliefs and creeds of a Muslim(Aqaid)
  •          Manners and characteristics of a practising Muslim (Adab)
  •          Supplications (duas) and kalimahs
  1. Weekend Plan – £30 a month. Quran and Islamic studies. Weekend timings 10am to 12pm (GMT) Sibling discount of 5% off final price. 
  2. Weekday Plan – £40 a month. Quran and Islamic studies. Monday to Thursday timings 5pm to 6pm (GMT) Sibling discount of 10% off final price. 
  3. Bespoke Plan – £10 an hour – Proficient one to one teacher. Suitable time during the day, chosen by the pupil. 15% discount per sibling. Books included free postage to UK address.

Fill in an application form from the links below and an MMTQ representative will contact you within 3 working days. 


For further information please contact the MMTQ on  07847488269 for boys and 07306627786 for girls or by email to

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