Teen Talk – An Islamic Society for Young Girls

What is our purpose?

How do we make sense of all the issues going on in the world around us?

Do you have questions about Islam, Muslim societies and beliefs?

Would you like to share ideas and are passionate about change?

Do you want a soundboard for your views and would like to be understood?

Teen Talk can help you in your quest for answers. Join us as we get together to realise our potential, overcome barriers and start afresh on a life which brings us closer to Our Merciful Lord. Talk to like-minded girls and mentors and air your thoughts and ideas

TeenTalk provides a safe, fun and friendly environment for teenagers to come together and discover who they are. Our objective is to help teenage girls overcome barriers and make a fresh start in life in the light of Islam. We understand that being a teenager is difficult and everyone needs a support system. We aim to provide girls with awareness, support and care so they can realise their true potential in every aspect of life.

Course Content

Discussions on

Mental Health
Body image
Gender expectations
LGBTQ & Islam
Atheism and Modern Islam
The Spoken Word
The Afterlife
Science in Islam
Vaping, shisha and Drugs
Celebrity Status
Family life
Domestic violence
Careers and the future
Politics and current affairs
Forced marriages
Music alternatives
Atheism and Modern Islam
The Spoken Word
The Afterlife
Science in Islam
Vaping, shisha and Drugs

Games & Activities

Professional Kickboxing
Korean Skincare
Bake-off competition
Masterchef competition
Graffiti canvasses
Football tournaments
Sumo wrestling
Crazy craft projects
Go Karting
Bullet journals
Indoor party games

The sessions are on Saturday afternoons between 2pm -4pm on select Saturdays throughout the year so the best thing to do to stay updated is message us on 07306627786 and write ‘Add me to Teentalk broadcast list’

You can also keep abreast of events by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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