What is MMTQ’s Seerah Module?

This is a truly unique opportunity to study the life of the Best of All Creations ﷺ up close. It will take you on a journey tracing back to the state of Makkah before his birth, his birth, childhood, adulthood, family like, his prophethood and the world-changing occurrences between the first revelation to his final breath.

Step back in time and imagine the events unfolding around you. The life of the Prophet SAW is both inspirational and emotive and is yet full of lessons and anecdotes that continue to unravel themselves to us to this day. Studying the life of the Prophet SAW is an absolute must for everyone

Course Content

1 year• 1.5 hours a week • Mornings

  • Short 45 min session twice weekly make this a very manageable course
  • Hours and study days are perfectly convenient for mums with children at school
  • A mix of visual and audio learning makes learning interactive
  • Qualified ulama teachers and authentic teachings from classical sources

This module will enable students to appreciate the sacrifices and commitment our beloved Prophet ﷺ experienced in bringing the religion to his ummah. Students will reflect on the emotions of the Prophet ﷺ and gain insight into the decisions he made, the hurdles he had to overcome and the human responses to the challenges and triumphs he experienced.

In short, it will bring the learner closer to the Prophet ﷺ insha’Allah and increase love for him.

Is this a full course?

 This lesson is offered as a stand-alone module as part of the Sanatayn course and is part of a larger course.

 Do I have to commit to from the beginning?

Not at all. Come for the two weeks trial first. After that, commit to one year. Then take each year at a time. The beauty of studying Islam is that even if you don’t complete the whole course, you will still take back a wealth of information you can apply to your life and pass on to others.

Do I have to sit exams?

You’ll be pleased to know there are no exams for the Seerah module.

Can I keep my child with me in class?

Babies under 9 months can stay with mums in class. After that, we have a creche onsite so sisters with children have the reassurance of keeping their children nearby and can pop in throughout the morning to check up on them.

Is there any homework for this class?

There is no additional learning or memorising for this course. You can read through your own notes to review them yourself if you wish.

What happens in the school holidays?

For the ease of our students, our holidays coincide with all the school holidays so you needn’t worry about caching up or finding childcare.

Enrolment is easy and simplified for the benefit of the students. To start studying the Arabic Conversation Class:

  • Register your interest by texting 07306 627 786 with full name stating that you’re registering for the 2-week trial.
  •  Join us for the first lesson on 21st September



A blessing of studying the Seerah is that it is the best way to increase our love for the Prophet (ﷺ). There is no better way to effectively and powerfully increase our love for the Prophet (ﷺ) than by studying his life and times.
The more you love the Prophet (ﷺ), the more you want to learn his Seerah. That is because a sign of loving someone is to want to know more about the person. So to study the Seerah is a sign of love, and through studying the Seerah, we increase our love.
I have loved seerah lessons above all other Islamic lessons and have learnt so much, Alhamdulilah

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