MMTQ’s Sanatayn class is an Islamic Essentials Course for sisters who wish to gain a better overall understanding of Islam but who are unable to commit to an intensive study programme. The course content provides a comprehensive and holistic overview of the key Islamic sciences in a short and easy 2-year curriculum starting at a beginner level and working up to intermediate level. Content has been carefully selected so that key topics are covered thoroughly.

Course Content

2 Years • 2 Weekdays • Mornings

  • Self-contained lessons (no additional homework)
  • All reading materials are in English (no Arabic language learning)
  • Reading materials all based on translation of classical Islamic texts
  • Guidance and advice incorporated into all lessons
  • Small classes enable focusing on individual student needs
  • Qualified and experienced teachers


  • Learn Islamic rulings pertaining to everyday ibadah.
  • Clarification on core framework of Islamic legislation related to purity, salah, fasting, zakah, hajj, nikah, talaq, trade etc.
  • Questions answered and guidance offered regarding practical implementation of rules in a modern society.


  • Study the entire lifespan of the Prophet ﷺ from prebirth to departure from this world.
  • Reflect on lessons learnt from the events in the life of the Prophet ﷺ and his conduct and approach to life.
  • Great emphasis on understanding the characteristics of the Prophet ﷺ


  • Focus on correct pronunciation of Arabic letters.
  • Study of theoretical rules with a lot of time for practice and implementations


  • Gain advice and life lessons of the Prophet ﷺ through the direct study of ahadith.
  • Encourage practical adoption of the sunnah through ahadith.
  • Cover the meaning of the hadith is covered and the advice of the Prophet ﷺ is related to our personal lives and society at large.


  • Develop Islamic character by identifying the traits within ourselves and how to improve them.
  • Understand how the heart, soul and body work together to practice Islam holistically.
  • Practical implementation of adopting Islamic character and soul.

Quran Tafsir

  • Introduce students to Quranic exegesis.
  • Develop student’s appreciation of the language and style of the Quran.
  • Give students a good understanding of the context behind the verses


  • Understand what Muslims believe about Allah Most High and His messengers.
  • Provide an appreciation of the scholarly depth of the Islamic theological tradition.
  • Learn the core fundamental tenants of Islamic belief.

Do I have to learn Arabic?

No, this course is taught entirely in English and is ideal for those who lack the confidence to learn a new language.

Is there weekly homework?

No. The only homework that is required is a persona revision of the days lessons.

Do I have to sit exams?

No, this course is exam free!

Can I keep my child with me in class?

Babies under 9 months can stay with mums in class. After that, we have a creche onsite so sisters with children have the reassurance of keeping their children nearby and can pop in throughout the morning to check up on them.

Do I get help outside of class?

Yes, teachers and more experienced students are available for out of class support throughout the week.

What happens in the school holidays?

For the ease of our students, our holidays coincide with all the school holidays so you needn’t worry about caching up or finding childcare.

Enrolment is easy and simplified for the benefit of the students.

To start studying the Sanatayn course come along to our orientation day on Wednesday 21st September. We’ll give out further information on the course and enrol students.
All students have a free no-obligation 2-week trial to try the classes out. Enrolment starts after that. Your first step is to pick up the phone and message us to register our interest.
Call or text 07306 627 786 now.

Fees £425 per annum. Students who pay in full receive a £25 discount and pay £375.
Students can also spread the cost over 6 monthly instalments.



This is an easy course to study that is jam-packed with information and guidance. It really pushes you to evaluate your life. Great teachers and great atmosphere.

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