MMTQ’s Quran & Hadith Course is a comprehensive study and spiritual development programme that will open the doors to a deeper understanding of the core sources of the Islamic faith. The course combines three elements: Ta’lim, Tazkiyah & Tarbiyyah

Course Overview

6-7 years • 2 Weekdays • Mornings

What is MMTQ’s Quran & Hadith Course?

MMTQ’s Quran & Hadith Course is a comprehensive academic study and spiritual development programme that will open the doors to a deeper understanding of the core sources of the Islamic faith.

The course comprises 3 elements: Ta’lim, Tazkiyah & Tarbiyyah

        Ta’lim is Islamic education.

A comprehensive study of classical Arabic language which will enable you to directly translate and understand the Noble Quran, the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and the Islamic rulings that form our everyday life.

        Tazkiyah is spiritual development.

As you study, you’ll be guided towards connecting yourself with Allah and His Messenger ﷺ by accepting His decisions in your life, making choices that bring you closer to Him and gradually, over time, building a deeper love and bond with Allah so Allah fills your heart and soul completely.

        Tarbiyah is applying what you learn to your everyday life.

Through the guidance and encouragement of the mentors and sisters at MMTQ you’ll gain practical tips, encouragement and insight on how to become a better Muslimah, mum, wife, daughter, sister and member of the community.

  • Daytime Classes at convenient times for women with families.
  • Qualified and knowledgeable female instructors
  • High standard of teaching with experienced teachers
  • Study in the English medium, translating Arabic straight into English.
  • Out of hours phone support provided by teachers throughout the week.
  • Spiritual and self-reformation program runs alongside academic studies.
  • Increased accessibility and support for students
  • Part-time classes early in the beginning of the week leaving you free for the rest of the week for family/work.
  • Sisters support network offering not only study help, but companionship, motivation and encouragement.
  • Most school holidays are also given as holidays to accommodate families.

By the end of the first year students will have:

·   Practiced the application of 60% of the Arabic grammar concepts used in the Quran
·   Learnt to recite the Arabic alphabet with Tajweed and implementing the rules of recitation
·   Practiced the correct recitation of the last 20 surahs of the Quran and the daily supplications of salah correctly.
·   Studied 50-100 ahadith of the Prophet ﷺ in Arabic and English
·   Read and understand stories of the Prophets in Arabic and translate them into English

By the end of the third year students will have:

·   Mastered 90% of the Arabic grammar concepts used in the Quran
·   Learned to recite the Quran fluently with Tajweed
·   Memorised many additional surahs of the Quran
·   Studied over 1500 ahadith of the Prophet ﷺ in Arabic and English
·   Directly translate more than half the Quran
·   Studied and summarise the tafsir of more than half of the Quran
·   Understood the key fiqhi rulings of the Hanafi school of thought through classical texts

By the end of the fifth year students will have:

·   Completed a study of thousands of ahadith from secondary books of hadith
·   Completed the translation of the entire Quran
·   Studied and summarised the tafsir of the Quran
·   Studied the principles of how Islamic rulings are derived and the scholars methodology in deriving injunctions
·   Studied Islamic rulings on all aspects of everyday with evidences and proofs of the different schools of thought.
·   For those who wish to complete further study, there is the option of studying Dawrah al-Hadith.

Will I get a qualification /certificate?

Yes, upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate to show completion of studies.

If you choose to add the Dawrah al-Hadith year to your studies, you will have completed the Aalimah course and receive a degree in Islamic Theology.

Do I have to commit to the entire course now?

Not at all. Come for the two weeks trial first. After that, commit to one year. Then take each year at a time. The beauty of studying Islam is that even if you don’t complete the whole course, you will still take back a wealth of information you can apply to your life and pass on to others.

Do I have to sit exams?

We’ve found that exams are an unnecessarily stressful addition to our classes so have replaced them with shorted monthly written tests and continuous monitoring. It’s a much less stressful and easier way of monitoring outcomes.

Can I keep my child with me in class?

Babies under 9 months can stay with mums in class. After that, we have a creche onsite so sisters with children have the reassurance of keeping their children nearby and can pop in throughout the morning to check up on them.

Do I get help outside of class?

Yes, teachers and more experienced students are available for out of class support throughout the week.

What happens in the school holidays?

For the ease of our students, our holidays coincide with all the school holidays so you needn’t worry about caching up or finding childcare.

Enrolment is easy and simplified for the benefit of the students. To start studying the Quran & Hadith Course:

  • Register your interest by texting 07306 627 786 with full name stating that you’re registering for the 2-week trial.
  • Come along to the Induction day on Wednesday 21st September 2022. We will talk to you about the course, show you the materials and the structure and answer all your questions.
  • Then for the next 2 weeks, attend every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 1.30pm. The classes will begin and you will attend as normal and get a feel of the classes.
  • After 2 weeks, if you wish to enroll, then fill in an application form and start your first year of study.
  • Enrolment for each year is separate so at this stage, students only need to commit to one year of study.

Fees for the first year are £425. Students who pay in full receive a £25 discount and pay £375.

Students can also spread the cost over 6 monthly instalments.



Attending the Quran & Hadith course has made a massive difference not only to my life but also my whole family’s. It’s had a positive impact on us all.
I love the classes, the apas, my fellow classmates…I just love it all!
I wish I had started the course sooner, I didn’t think I was capable of doing the work or that I wouldn’t have the time but it’s all fallen in to place beautifully


Sitting in class is like taking a deep breath after so long beneath the water. Hearing the voices of my teachers and the dars makes me wish the few mere hours would lengthen to encompass the day. This first day will Insha’Allah carry me to the next lesson.

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