Coffee, cake and good counsel in good company- informal coffee mornings for sisters with themed talks and inspired socialising. A chance to meet friends and motivate one another to do good.  Casual gatherings for sisters with a sprinkling of Islamic inspiration

An opportunity for sisters to get together and casual chat over a cup of tea and some lovely snacks.

Course Overview

Monthly • 2 hours •Thursday Mornings

Each coffee morning is themed around a different Islamic discussion topic with opening notes by a learned sister followed by discussion from the group.

Sisters can participate to ask questions, discuss important topics or can just sit back and listen to the conversation of the others.

  • Success through Salah
  • Making a positive change in the community
  • Balancing Deen & Dunya
  • Who gets your vote?
  • Dua-the weapon of a believer
  • Creating Healthy Environments
  • Healthy Eating
  • Living healthy lifestyles
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • The Bond of Marriage
  • Hajj- the epic journey
  • The Rights of Allah’s Creation
  • Golden Attributes of a Muslim Woman
  • Inspiring women of Jannah
  • Love for Allah

All sisters are welcome!

Regardless of age, colour, creed or orientation- our coffee mornings are open to all sisters.

There’s no fee or requirements. Just bring yourself along, get to know us and allow us to get to know you.

Next and last Coffee morning

Last Coffee Morning: Hajr : A story of Hope

The story of Hajr (AS), wife of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and how one woman’s firm faith, perseverance and patience continues to inspire us to this day

Next Coffee Morning: Time Management

Gain the Time Management skills to complete the tasks within the specified period. Help to take control of your life by learning the secrets to:

• Planning your day and kickstarting the week with a bang

• Gaining barakah through specific actions recommended in ahadith

• Tips for good decision making and prioritisation

• How the saints and scholars use time well and manipulate it to their advantage

• Learning to delegate and outsourcing tasks

• Make the most of your life by following the sunnah way of timekeeping

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