A beginner class for sisters who are new to Islam and want to learn more about the essentials, or have been Muslim for many years but need to refresh the basics and ask questions that may seem obvious.

Requires minimal commitment and covers all the essentials plus some.

Course Content

2 years• 2 hours a week• Mornings

Do you want to refresh your grasp of the basics of deen?

Do you have questions about Islam and no one to ask them to?

Do you feel that you need to relearn what it means to be a practising Muslim?

MMTQ’s Back to Basics is an easy and accessible class for sisters that provides all that and more.

Aimed at sisters who are completely new to Islam or want to start from the very beginning. MMTQ’s Back to Basic is the first step towards understanding the very basic principles of Islam and gives sisters an accessible and easily manageable boost to your understanding of the fundamentals of Islam in a friendly, and welcoming setting.

The Back-to-Basics Classes are centred around 3 core modules:

Course Modules:


Covering the essentials rulings of purity, prayers, fasting and other fundamentals forms of worship. Answers to questions such as:

  • Do I need to redo wudhu after changing a nappy?/span>
  • Do I need to remove makeup before performing wudhu?
  • Can I pray salah in leggings?
  • Can I recite Quran when menstruating?
  • Is it permitted to dye my hair?


Discover the true meaning of connecting to your Lord.
Learn to shield yourself from the sins of everyday life and make practising good deeds easier and manageable.
Will I held accountable for sins I do by mistake?
What if I can’t break my bad habits?
How can stop myself being influenced  by family and friends?
How do I increase concentration in salah?
How do I rid myself of negativity?
Which family members have rights upon me and what are they?


Perfect your salah and learn the correct method of recitation

Call 07306627786 to register your interest
Come along to our classes on a Thursday morning to enrol in person.

No need to bring anything except a pen to make notes. We will supply all course materials.

Come along to our orientation day on Monday 19th September for more info. Classes this year start on Tuesday 20th September 2022

Fees are £2.50 per session


Umme Muhammad

The perfect beginner course! The teachers are very well informed and answered all the questions so that all doubt is removed. Everyone is kind and helpful and no one is made to feel silly for asking obvious questions


A very easily manageable class in which I learnt so much. Even though I thought I knew the basics, I realised my basic knowledge was so lacking. How can I be a role model and encourage my children to learn Islam when I don’t know the basics myself? This course helped fill those gaps.

Quran & Hadith


Mon & Wed 09:30 – 13:30



Mon & Wed 09:30 – 13:30

Dawrah Hadith


Mon-Wed 09:00 – 13:30