What is MMTQ's Arabic Conversation class?

Have you always wanted to learn enough Arabic to hold a basic conversation when meeting fellow Muslims in Arab countries?

Have you ever wistfully listened to the conversations of Arabs and wished you could contribute with a small smatter of sentences here and there?

Have you longed to learn speak this beautiful language that is such a delight to the ears?

Yearn no more…!
This class is designed to give the learner practice in flexing their conversational skills in Arabic. Students will build their vocabulary by practising discussions in class with partners under the instruction and guidance of a teacher.

Course Content

1 hour weekly • Saturday Mornings

  • One hour session every Saturday morning makes this a very manageable course
  • Taught by a native Arabic speaking teacher
  • A mix of visual and audio learning makes learning interactive
  • Lots of practice conversations with minimal writing.

As you move along the lessons you will learn how to converse in the following areas:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Talking about family
  • Describing your house and belongings
  • Talking about work and ambition
  • Discussing sports and activities
  • Learning how to travel and use transport
  • Commenting on food and recipes
  • Describing clothes and colours
  • Education and training
  • News and media
  • Climate and the environment
  • Health and happiness

What is the duration of this course?

This is an ongoing class so students can attend for however long they want to until they become proficient at Arabic conversation

Do I have to know some Arabic?

No, but it would give you an advantage. Students will be assessed in the first few weeks and split into groups based on their previous level of Arabic. So complete beginners are welcome.

Are there any exams?

You’ll be pleased to know there are no exams. You only need to practice what you’ve learnt at home after each lesson.

Can I keep my child with me in class?

As this is a weekend class, we will accommodate children under the age of 7 who can sit in class with their mums.

Enrolment is easy and simplified for the benefit of the students. To start studying the Arabic Conversation Class:

  • Register your interest by texting 07306 627 786 with full name stating that you’re registering for the 2-week trial.
  •  Join us for the first lesson on Saturday 24th september 2022.
  • Fees are £12 every month

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